Engineering Services

Pre Engineering

Pre Engineering is where the difference is made. A detail catalogue combined with workshop drawings of a exemplary cabin like the VIP...


To have a mutual understanding of what the end product will look like layouts, ceiling plans and wall views are made...

3d Modelling

Due to the innovative industry that we take part in 3d data is the type of data that explains itself perfectly to clients and builders...

General Arrangements

Respecting the esthetical, technical and practical we bring layouts back in order as an accurate 3d model or 2d plan...

Hardware Solutions

In a highly bespoke industry off the shelf is not always an option...

Aestetical Design

We will design the guest corridor that merges with the existing interior design of the guest cabins, a galley interior that should match with the owners previous yacht or floor pattern as seen in a magazine...


Jobs, now hiring:

- Junior Detail Engineer

- Layout Tekenaar

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